This post continues from How I Setup A Private PyPI Server Using Docker And Ansible

In this post, I will try to detail how to set up a private local PyPI server using Docker And Ansible.


Deploy/destroy devpi server running in Docker container using a single command.

After my initial research, I wanted to ensure that the deployment is deterministic and the PyPI repository can be torn down and recreated ad-hoc by a single command. In our case, a simple make pypi deploy an instance of PyPI server through an Ansible playbook.

According to the docs:

Ansible Playbooks offer a…

Recently, I worked on a Jira ticket that has been in the backlog for a while.

Originally published at on February 28, 2019.

TLDR; You can set up a new system using dotfiles and an installation script in minutes. It’s not hard to create your own repository, and you’ll learn a ton along the road. This is truly more about the journey than the destination!

There is no frustrating feeling like the feeling of starting all over again especially when it comes to a fresh OS install or having your hard-drive crashing on you which then results in reinstalling your OS all over again!

And you think to yourself, OMG! my aliases, system settings and…

After almost 4 years of using my Dell Latitude E5540, I was due for an upgrade. Well I must say, this laptop has served it’s purpose and I enjoyed every minute of it apart from the battery life and the failing disk which causes my system to just freeze time to time, as I digress.

Anyways, I decided to place an order for a Dell XPS 15 9570. It is an amazing laptop to say the least from the 16Gb memory to the 512Gb SSD not forgetting the Intel Core i7 CPU. …

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If you are reading this post, either you have suffered from Imposter Syndrome knowingly or unknowingly.

Note: This isn’t one of those motivational or self-help posts, it’s more of an introspection to my own experiences of imposter syndrome and how I’ve tried to learn to harness them and turn them from negatives into positives.

I think it is important that I say harness instead of conquering, because conquering imposter syndrome for me it’s merely about being aware of that it is there, like that pimple that doesn’t want to go away, in fact I’m extremely…

Originally posted on my blog.

As part of the series, How I configured Jenkins CI server in a Docker container — I wanted to implement some sort of continuous code quality and integrate it to my continuous testing environment and on this post I will document how I configured SonarQube for continuous inspection of code quality (I have OCD when it comes to code quality) and we will perform a test on our local Git repository.

What is SonarQube?

SonarQube (formerly Sonar) is an open source platform developed by SonarSource for continuous inspection of code quality to perform automatic reviews with static analysis…

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